Weather Forecast Update for today

sunrise Louiseanne Delia PhotographyWeather Forecast Update for today (the Maltese version follows the English one): The weather is expected to be mostly cloudy with possible light rain in places and with light Force 3 westerly winds veering eastnortheasterly. High of 26°C / low of 19°C.

Tbassir aġġornat tat-temp għal-lum: It-temp mistenni li jkun il-bicca l-kbira imsahhab b`cans ta` xi xita hafifa f`xi inhawi u b`rih hafif Forza 3 mill-Punent li jdur lejn il-Grieg il-Lvant. L-ogħla 26°C / l-inqas 19°C.

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A big thanks to Louiseanne Delia Photography for this lovely pic taken at sunrise.

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