Weather Forecast Summary for Thursday 30th January

sunset floriana leslie vellaWeather Forecast Summary for Thursday 30th January (the Maltese version follows the English one): The weather is expected to be rather cloudy becoming cloudy with possible isolated rain showers later and with strong Force 6 to 7 southeasterly to southeasterly winds backing southsouthwesterly. Low of 12°C / High of 16°C.

Tbassir tat-temp għall-Ħamis, 30 ta’ Jannar: It-temp mistenni jkun pjuttost imsaħħab li jsir imsaħħab b`ċans ta` xi ħalbiet iżolati tax-xita aktar tard u b`riħ qawwi Forza 6 għal 7 mix-Xlokk għan-Nofsinhar ix-Xlokk. L-inqas 12°C / l-ogħla 16°C.

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A big thanks to Leslie Vella for this lovely pic taken at sunset from Floriana.

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