Weather Forecast Summary for Sunday 1st December

qawra allen barkerWeather Forecast Summary for Sunday 1st December (the Maltese version follows the English one): The weather is expected to be cloudy with rain showers that may be heavy, thundery and/or with hail at times becoming partly to rather cloudy with isolated rain showers and with light Force 3 southeasterly winds veering westsouthwesterly and increasing to a strong Force 6. Low of 14°C / High of 17°C.

Tbassir tat-temp għas-Sibt, 30 ta’ Novembru: It-temp mistenni jkun imasaħħab b`ħalbiet tax-xita li jistgħu jkunu qawwija, bir-ragħad u/jew bis-silġ li jsir ftit jew wisq imsaħħab b`ħalbiet iżolati tax-xita u b`riħ ħafif Forza 3 mix-Xlokk li jdur lejn il-Punent il-Lbiċ u jsir qawwi Forza 6. L-inqas 14°C / l-ogħla 17°C.

Detailed weather forecast at

A big thanks to Allen Barker for this lovely photo taken earlier on today at Qawra.

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