stwSEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH valid from 1am till 6pm tomorrow Sunday! Please SHARE & LIKE this for others.

An area of instability over the central Mediterranean is expected to intensify with upper-level cooler and drier air clashing with the warmer and moister lower air below with rain showers and thunderstorms expected. The main threat is expected to be a possible isolated tornado or waterspout, although some heavy rain, damaging wind gusts and/or marginally large hail cannot be ruled out either! There is still a slight bias for Gozo to get hit harder than Malta.

- Rainfall probability: 65%
- Thunderstorm probability: 65%
- Hail probability: 25%
- Rainfall expected: 1mm to 6mm (light occasionally moderate, possibly heavy at times in places). Some sand deposits are also expected with the rain (xita tal-ħamrija)

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Updated 7-day weather forecast in BOTH English and Maltese on

Note: the above is ONLY valid if any storms hit us. At this time of the year, such storms are very fickle and might miss the Maltese Islands by just a few kilometres.

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